Placard, cardanol based PVC plasticizer – 12 month project meeting

Monday, February 9, 2015 — On 6th February 2015, the consortium of the Placard project met in Serichim premises in Torviscosa to present the latest developments and milestones achieved. This meeting was linked to a visit of Serichim facilities.

The project focuses on the production of the one ton of a new environmental friendly plasticiser for soft PVC by end of the project with a focus on application in construction. It should be obtained by chemical modification of cardanol, industrial grade yellow oil obtained by vacuum distillation of cashew nut shell liquid.

The project and deliverables are in line with the foreseen timeline. The main development is the production of the placard on a pilot scale at Serichim premises. Positive results were reported from Università di Salento that compared properties from different commercial plasticisers.

Kommi, leader of the project, started exploitation activities through the identification of the most relevant target groups for placards products. Dissemination activities in charge of EuPC will be done during different event but to name a few; during the EuPC Annual Meeting in Warsaw and the PRE Annual meeting in Brussels.


The Placard project is financed by Eco-innovation initiative and is expected to last 32 months. The Eco-innovation initiative is part of the EU's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP), set up to support innovation among SMEs and to improve their competitiveness

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